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A tired dog and his cat

January 8, 2012

Spade and I ran 7 miles this morning. It was his longest run yet, and he had no problem keeping up with me. He even had some leftover energy to chase Zola, the guide dog puppy around the yard. But this evening, as I was getting ready to go out, I turned around and saw him snuggled with “his” kitty, Samson.

Spade snuggled next to Samson

Spade suffers from anxiety, so any time he’s sleeping peacefully I know I’ve accomplished my mission. And because of his anxiety, I often debate whether to leave him loose in the house or crate him when I leave. But seeing him so tired tonight I knew that as soon as I left he would soon be fast asleep, so I opted to leave him out tonight. Although he was not happy when I left, and I could still hear him barking as I drove away, when I came home several hours later the house was quiet. As I unlocked the door I could hear the dogs getting up, and as I walked in there was Spade just waking up from a nice long nap.

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