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Lizzie’s day out

January 23, 2012

Today Lizzie and I ran 4 miles with our friends Dayna and Betty. Lizzie used to run with me quite frequently, until she blew out her CCL a couple of years ago while chasing balls at the dog park. She underwent an expensive TPLO surgery, and after careful and methodic rehabilitation she was back to normal activity within 6 months. However, that experience has made me very paranoid when it comes to her orthopedic health.

A couple months ago she collided with another dog while chasing a ball. She developed a limp in her front leg that seemed to get worse after physical activity. Even a simple walk around the block would cause her to be sore that evening. After consulting with my vet, we decided to put her on exercise restriction for a few weeks. After a few weeks the limp seemed to go away, so I started testing her with short walks in my neighborhood. When those proved uneventful, we started increasing the lengths of our walks and gradually added in some jogging. A little more than two months later I think she’s ready to start running again.

We did two easy miles along the bike trail to warm up, then turned back and headed for the horse trails. I let Lizzie off leash and we had a muddy good time splashing through mud puddles. She certainly seemed to enjoy herself and doesn’t seem to be limping this evening. It’s nice to have my girl healthy again, and it won’t be long before she’s joining me and Spade on our runs.

There were plenty of mud puddles for us to splash in

Lizzie playing in a giant mud puddle along the trail


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One Comment
  1. Those are some awesome mud puddles. I’d love to go splashing in them.

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