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Casual Friday

January 27, 2012

One of the benefits of tracking each dog’s individual progress on our runs is not only to reward them when they reach a certain number of miles, but also to watch for patterns and trends as they develop. One thing I have noticed with both of my clients who run with me five days a week, is a tendency to slow down toward the end of the week. This trend is more pronounced with Maxie, who is older and just beginning a running program, as opposed to Kanu, who is much younger and highly athletic. This makes sense, as I also feel a little run down toward the end of the week. After all, I’m currently averaging 30 miles a week.

When running with the dogs, I find a pace that’s comfortable for each dog. For some of my slower, more sedentary dogs, this often means walking briskly while they trot along beside me. For the more athletic dogs, I teach them to run beside or slightly ahead of me, without dragging me down the street. While one of the main goals of my business is to develop and maintain a dog’s fitness through regular exercise, it’s also about having fun.

Many businesses in the corporate world have adopted “Casual Fridays,” where employees can dress down, and the mood is often more relaxed. Today was no different for the dogs. With both of my “daily” dogs, we ran at a more leisurely pace and stopped more often for them to check their “pee-mail.”

After my runs with Maxie and Kanu, I took my dogs Lizzie and Spade for an off-leash romp along the river with Betty. Betty’s mom had given me explicit permission to let Betty off-leash and run with my dogs. We hit the horse trails and off they went. Not only did this give the dogs a chance to run at their own speed, but it made an excellent training opportunity to work on Betty’s off-leash recall. Lizzie, being a water-loving labrador, took off toward every beach she could find, and we stopped at each one for a few minutes to let them play.

Betty even found a stick twice her size to play with.

Not every dog enjoys running, and that’s okay. It’s all about finding ways to exercise and interact with them that they enjoy, which is why I offer many different exercise options besides running.  But for the many dogs that love to run and the owners that don’t, I’m here to help 🙂

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  1. There SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

  2. Dayna permalink

    I wish I had a casual Friday!!! 🙂 looks like Betty had a blast!!!! Thanks for being so awesome with my baby! 🙂 she loves ya!

  3. You’re welcome! I can tell she looks up to Lizzie… and Lizzie does a pretty good job of tolerating her 🙂

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