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Little victories

January 31, 2012

One of the rewards of my job is watching dogs progress in their training. This is particularly rewarding when the dogs are just starting out in their running program or have special needs. Jack is one such dog.

Jack proving that even special needs dogs can enjoy running.

You might remember from an earlier post that Jack needs to regain his boyish figure to help reduce the stress that’s placed on his remaining front leg. Jack and his brother Ricky have made such great progress in the short time they’ve been running with me, increasing their runs from an average of 1.14 miles over the past week and a half, to a distance of 1.41 miles today. That is a huge improvement and tells me that their running program is paying off. I look forward to watching their continued progress.

Ricky's having too much fun to look at the camera.

Kanu also experience a small victory today, not only squeezing in his longest run yet during our session at 2.62 miles, but also showing incredible restraint when we encountered some deer on our run. This has been something we have been working on, and today he made me very proud.

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  1. Way to go Jack and Ricky, Tripawds rule! 🙂

    Please keep in mind that walking does not build strength, only stamina. And excessive running can cause hairline fractures due to added stress on remaining limbs. Check out our three legged dog rehab videos for more information or seek the advice of a certified rehab vet with any concerns.

    Tripawds Rehab Vet Video Interviews:

    Canine Conditioning & Fitness Equipment:

  2. Annie permalink

    Hi there! Stumbled upon your site researching running and tripawds.. Just wondering how Jack and Ricky are doing now.. What distance can they run a few months later? Keep up the great work!

    • The farthest they’ve gone was 1.8 miles, but that was only once. Either they were super hyper that day or my GPS was off. They typically go anywhere from 1.3 – 1.5 miles in a half hour session.

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