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The best run of the day

February 2, 2012

15. That’s the number of miles I ran today. I’ve done a couple of half marathons, but I’ve never run 15 miles in one day before. To be honest, my legs feel just about like they did after a half marathon. Thank God tomorrow is Friday.

My favorite run of the day wasn’t even supposed to be a run. I had just gotten home from running with Betty and my two dogs Spade and Lizzie. It was my last run of the day, or so I thought. I took Crenshaw out for what was supposed to be an easy walk, but he INSISTED on running, so off we went. I think he was so ecstatic about our one-on-one time that he just couldn’t contain himself. We took off at a pretty fast pace, and to be honest, I was having a hard time keeping up with him. I kept waiting for him to slow down to a point where we could walk. Shortly after reaching a mile, I slowed to a walk, and he gave me a 30 second reprieve before picking up the pace again.

"Com'on mom! Don't stop now!"

Thankfully, the pace was much slower after our short break, and I’m proud to say Crenshaw ran the whole way, finishing our day with 1.7 miles. Not too bad for this senior boy who thinks he’s still a puppy.

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  1. SOOO Sweet!

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