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A change of pace

February 3, 2012

After a 15 mile day yesterday, I’ll be honest… the last thing I wanted to do today was run. So I decided it was time to introduce my more athletic dogs to the bike. Years ago I bought a Springer bike attachment to use with my german shepherd. I almost got rid of it last year, thinking I would never use it again. I’m so glad I didn’t.

When I introduced Betty to the bike, she was a little bit unsure. I used plenty of food rewards to create a positive association, and we walked for quite a ways before I got on the bike.

Betty learning to walk alongside the bike

Once I got one the bike, we took it nice and slow, in case she decided to make any sudden, erratic movements. Betty gradually got accustomed to running alongside the bike, and after two miles she finally decided to let loose and really run.

Betty picking up the pace

Later, I introduced Kanu to the bike in the same manner. However, I wasn’t able to take any pictures of him due to the hills in his neighborhood and my need to keep both hands on the bike. While the bike certainly won’t replace me running with the dogs, it will make a nice addition to our routine every now and then, while giving my legs a much needed break!

For more information about The Jogging Dog, please visit my website.


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  1. Hey jogging dog loved your pic’s!

  2. So this is why she was such a good dog yesterday! 🙂 Thanks Desiree!!! We love you!

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