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A PR and heartfelt thanks

February 5, 2012

This morning I ran the Super Bowl Sunday 10K here in Sacramento. It was a chilly morning but the sun was shining… a perfect day for a run. I wasn’t necessarily trying to PR, but I was curious just how well I would do considering the number of miles I’ve been running this past month.

The first couple of miles were a little on the slow side, because of the large number of runners we had to maneuver around. This was probably to my benefit though, because I am still trying to develop the discipline of “running negatives”… meaning each mile is faster than the last. I settled into a nice easy pace after this, until the final mile, at which point I picked up the pace as fast as I could handle it. I found great satisfaction in passing a couple of women who had passed me around mile 4 and thought they had me beat.

When I reached the 6 mile mark I thought “less than a quarter mile to go… you’ve got this.” It was the hardest quarter mile of the race, and I kept thinking “where is the darn finish line?” But in the end, I finished with a time of 52:37, easily surpassing my previous best time of 55:55! This averages out to an 8:25 minute/mile pace. After looking at the results from my Garmin, I ran the last mile in 7:44, which is incredibly fast for me. I must say… I owe it all to the dogs.

Fast or slow, each dog that I have run with over the past month has contributed to a total mileage of 137 miles in January alone. The faster dogs push me to run faster than I may on my own, while the slower dogs give my body a chance to rest and recover. This has helped my body to become more efficient and faster. So to Crenshaw, Lizzie, Spade, Buddy, Kanu, Maxie, Ricky, Jack, and Betty I say “Thank You!” I look forward to continuing our training together and hope it continues to benefit all of us. To Chimay, Reilly and Sazzy, I say “Welcome!” and look forward to running with you in the future!

If you have a dog that you feel would benefit from a running program and live in the Greater Sacramento and Folsom area, please feel free to visit my website.


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  1. Dayna permalink

    You rock!!!!

  2. Great job with the PB, killer time…


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