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Say hello to Rambo

March 22, 2012

Rambo is a big ol’ goofy Doberman, with the emphasis on big! This boy’s head easily comes up to my waist when standing, and we received several comments from bystanders on our first outing about what a big boy he is. He has a personality to match, as he’s a big love. However, he’s easily distracted and we’re working on his focus during our runs.

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  1. redhead permalink

    I bought that same collar that Rambo is wearing for my dog, Nala, when we started running and it really helped cut down on her “distractions.” They are so violent-looking with all those prongs, but in the end the dog really learns to pull less and, therefore, not choke themselves as they run. (Nor are they pulling us down the street…)

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