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What a week!

March 23, 2012

This week didn’t start off on the best note, but sure ended with a bang! On Sunday I took my dogs hiking, and that evening when Lizzie got up from the couch, she refused to put weight on her right hind leg.

Lizzie and her toys

I thought for sure her CCL had finally given out on her. By the next day, however, she was walking around like normal, with only a barely perceptible limp. By Tuesday she was completely fine, and an examination by the vet revealed that her knee was just fine, and she probably overdid it on Sunday. This was welcome news, as I was dreading another $4000 TPLO surgery and the long rehabilitation that followed.

I also got unofficial word that Zola, the guide dog puppy will probably be returning to Guide Dogs for the Blind in a couple weeks to start her formal training.

Zola, guide dog puppy

However, she will first undergo a breeder evaluation to see if she has what it takes to produce future guide dogs. Although I am sad to say goodbye, I am excited to see what her future holds for her.

This week The Jogging Dog added four new running clients! Bentley, Rambo, Bernie Mac & Gracie Mae all started walking & running with me this week. Alee will be joining me next week for the first time. In addition, I am meeting with a potential training client tomorrow. This brings me to full capacity, yet the requests keep coming in, and I have a waiting list already started!

This week we also celebrated Suzy’s 17th birthday and Kanu’s 100th mile! Meanwhile, Jack & Ricky experienced a major accomplishment by running their longest run ever at 1.8 miles. Sazzy, Sammy and Buddy were introduced to the bike, and took to it quite well. Betty, Kanu and Sage are already pros with the bike and also got a turn. And Maxie decided she was feeling quite frisky this week and decided to race other runners and bicyclists on the trail.

Sage cooling off after his run

Chimay and ChiChi both took the week off, and MJ is off competing at her first show since starting with The Jogging Dog. Hopefully our weekly sessions have helped her stay in tip-top shape and she will catch the eye of the judges.

MJ ready to wow the judges

Finally, voting for the KCRA-3 A-list competition started this week. Anyone can vote, and every vote counts. If you have a moment, please stop by and vote for me, and spread the word. You can vote for me at

If you’d like to learn more about The Jogging Dog and what I do, please feel free to visit my website.


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  1. Reading your blog with all the positive news and adorable dogs was a great way to start my day! Thank you for “going the extra mile” for your clients

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