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Thunder, lightning and hail, oh my!

April 11, 2012

One of the questions my new clients frequently ask is “do you run when it rains?” My answer, of course, is “Yes.” However, I do have one caveat: if the weather is so severe that it poses a risk for myself or the dog, or it’s just downright unpleasant for either of us, I reserve the right to substitute indoor play time for our run.

Today was such a day.

I was fortunate to miss the rain all morning. However, as I was driving to Kanu’s residence, I passed through a rather severe rain and hail storm. However, by the time I reached Kanu’s the weather seemed to clear up. Until I got out of the car. As I opened the car door I heard a loud crack of thunder. I knew the rain and hail was most likely on it’s way.

As part of my initial interview, I ask if the clients’ dogs are afraid of loud noises, such as thunder. I recalled from Kanu’s interview that he was not afraid of thunder; however, I still wanted to gauge his reaction myself. Kanu showed no reaction to the thunder as I was relieving him, so we proceeded with our run. My plan was to stick close to his home in case the weather turned nasty. Sure enough, about 10 minutes into the run the rain started. It was relatively light at first, then quickly became a downpour. We quickly picked up the pace, and as we ran back to his apartment I could imagine the thoughts going through the minds of the drivers on the road.

“Poor girl.” “Poor dog.” “What an idiot.”

I actually didn’t mind the rain that much, but I was concerned about the possibility of hail. Sure enough, just as we got back to the apartment the hail started. We quickly made it inside and dried off. Kanu wasn’t much into playing, so I spent the rest of our time together giving Kanu belly rubs. Somehow, I think he enjoyed that just as much as his runs 🙂

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