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Meet Rosie

April 18, 2012

Rosie is a 1 year old border collie who I recently had the pleasure of taking care of while her mom was running the Boston Marathon. If you know anything at all about border collies, you know that they are very high energy with an active mind that constantly needs stimulation. Rosie’s parents signed her up for two hour long outings a day, and we spent our time running, hiking and playing ball. On top of that, I let her borrow some interactive toys to help keep her mind occupied while I was gone.

Rosie’s parents were also nice enough to let me bring Spade along for some of our weekend hikes, and the two of them quickly hit it off.

Rosie is an absolute sweetheart and I look forward to taking care of her again in the future.

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  1. RunAWeigh permalink

    I have a border collie too, but she actually kind of hates running, lol. I am so bummed!

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