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Pet friendly gardens, Part 1

April 26, 2012

With the recent wet weather, I have been noticing a plethora of snails around my client’s houses and the places we run. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the slimy things! As most responsible pet owners know, most snail bait is poisonous to dogs and cats. So how do you safely win the battle of the mollusks?

If you do a google search you can find a plethora of ideas on how to organically control the snail and slug populations. However, my favorite product is Sluggo.

Sluggo is approved for organic gardening and is simply iron phospate pellets. After the snails and slugs eat the bait, they stop feeding on your plants and eventually die. Within two weeks of applying Sluggo around my flower beds I usually find a bunch of empty snail shells. Any bait that is not consumed by the snails and slugs simply biodegrades into the soil.

By the way, be sure to buy the original Sluggo, NOT the Sluggo Plus. Only the original Sluggo is safe around pets.

In Part 2 of Pet Friendly Gardens, I will talk about the importance of “pet friendly” plants.

One Comment
  1. Elizabeth permalink

    Thank you for this article! I have a huge snail problem (that you have probably noticed LOL!) and was not sure what to use to resolve the problem. Not only do I have two dogs, Bernie Mac and Gracie Mae but I also have a slew of kitty cats that come visit my front yard (where the snail problem is). Using this product I can feel safe I’ll not be killing off the neighborhood cat population along with the snails. Again, thanks!

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