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Pet friendly gardens, part 2

April 27, 2012

Some friends of mine recently suffered a tragic loss. They lost one of their beloved cats after it ingested part of a lily. They didn’t realize that lilies are toxic to pets until it was too late. I hope this article will help prevent this tragedy from happening to others.

As a new home owner three years ago my back yard looked like a dump. There was a rusted out shed in the corner and a plum tree along the fence, surrounded by weeds.

My back yard when I moved in

I knew from past experience that my dogs love plums, but plums don’t love my dogs. Needless to say, it came down immediately.

I wanted to create a garden that was both aesthetically pleasing, would attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and was water wise. However the #1 most important factor was that each and every plant had to be non-toxic to my dogs. My dogs aren’t known to nibble on plants other than grass all that often, but why take a chance? It was a painstaking process that involved a lot of research. Fortunately the ASPCA has an online searchable database of plants that are toxic to dogs, cats, and horses.

Ultimately I transformed my back yard into a peaceful oasis where my dogs and I can spend quality time together.

My back yard summer 2011

This is where the old shed used to sit. Spring 2012

If you’re planning on adding some new plants to your landscape and you have pets that spend time out doors, please take the time to do your research. Your pet’s life depends on it.

For more information about The Jogging Dog, please visit my website.

One Comment
  1. Elizabeth permalink

    Another great article! Thank you! Also, love the transformation of your yard. I’ll use that link, as I continue work on my backyard.

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