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Rosie runs her first 5K

May 8, 2012

Spade and Rosie take a well deserved break after their run

On Sunday, Spade and I were signed up to participate in the Bark for Your Heart 5K Fun Run. So when Rosie’s parents asked me to spend some time with her that day, I asked if she could come along. It was a small event but there was a decent turnout, so there were plenty of dogs and people to socialize with.  We ended up placing 5th overall, but I’m pretty sure Rosie would have preferred to place 1st, and was probably a little perturbed that Spade and I seemed to be holding her back. After the race they had pools for the dogs to cool off in, and Rosie found much pleasure in splashing around in them. And at the end of the day, she had several new toys to bring home.

As usual, many people were quite impressed with Spade and the fact that only having three legs didn’t slow him down at all. Overall, I think both dogs had a great time and hopefully Rosie was able to take a nice nap after that… I know Spade and I both did!

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