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Adventures in cat sitting

May 9, 2012

Recently I had the pleasure of pet sitting three cats: Boy Cat (whom I’ll call BC), Girl Cat (AKA Sissy), and Yippee.

BC (left) and Sissy

BC and Sissy are brother and sister, and being part Siamese, they have quite a bit of curiosity. Yippee is the youngest of the bunch, and while quite friendly and playful, is a bit more reserved.


If you thought photographing dogs was hard, try photographing cats!

Sissy playing with a toy

Yippee playing peek-a-boo

BC was quite curious about the kittens on the television.

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  1. I have the same cat cube that Yippee is playing peek a boo in! My cat LOVES it! She likes to fold down one side of it and lay on it. We call it her “front porch”

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