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A weekend hike

June 10, 2012

This morning when I woke up, I had the overwhelming urge to head up into the mountains and take my dogs for a hike. Perhaps it was my guilty conscience that I sometimes spend more time playing and running with other dogs than I do my own, or perhaps it was just that I’ve been so busy lately that I needed to get away for some alone time. Regardless, I was looking forward to some quality time with my dogs.

We headed up Highway 50 and found a nice spot outside of Kyburz where the dogs could play in the river. We found an old road to hike along, and though it wasn’t the most scenic route, the dogs didn’t care. They were happy just to run and explore.  We hiked about 3.25  miles and ended up back at the river where the dogs splashed and swam.

Cooling off in the river… the water was cold!

Posing for a picture

There were a couple spots along the way where a downed tree crossed the road, and it warmed my heart to see Crenshaw and Spade jump up and over them with no problem. (Crenshaw is nearly 12 years old, and Spade is a tripawd). I truly believe that a lifetime of good nutrition and regular exercise has helped keep them in the prime of their life despite their age and physical handicaps.

If your dog isn’t already engaged in regular physical activity, I encourage you to start. Start with short walks and gradually build up to longer outings, even jogging if your dog is so inclined. Swimming, playing fetch and other games are also a great way to give your dog the exercise he or she needs. Not only will regular exercise help your dog stay healthy, but you’re spending quality time together. And isn’t that why we have dogs in the first place?

My attempt at a group photo

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  1. Great pictures, your dogs look very happy. Dogs need some kind of exercise. Most dogs are inclined to play games, and that provides enough exercise for them. If your dog is not one of those, you should go walking or jogging on a daily basis.

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