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URGENT – Betty desperately needs a new home!

July 9, 2012

You may remember Betty from previous posts… she is a young Boxer/Pit Bull mix who loves to run and play. Due to unforseen circumstances in her owner’s life, she has had to move back in with her parents. Unfortunately, her parents will not allow her to bring Betty into their home.  Betty’s mom is desperately trying to find a new home for her before having to relinquish her to the shelter. An ideal situation would be a temporary foster home for a couple months until Betty’s mom can find a place to live with her daughter and Betty. However, a loving permanent home would also be an acceptable solution. Betty’s owner has this to say about Betty:

 Betty is the perfect family dog! She would do well in a home that is very active as she loves going to the river and on frequent runs. She has always been very good with my young daughter and absolutely loves other children she meets. She loves to cuddle and just being with her owners. She is up for re-homing OR a temporary foster home that can care for her for about 2 months (no longer than 3). Our living arrangements do not suit her so unfortunately she can not stay with us. She will surely fill your home with love!

If you or someone you know could provide a temporary or permanent home for Betty, please contact me at


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One Comment
  1. Wishing Betty all the best find a new home. It is so sad when these things happen. If I weren’t so far away (all the way down south in South Africa), I would surely help.
    Looking forward to following your amazing blog.

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