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Urban Cow is just around the corner

September 22, 2012

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be competing in my third half marathon. However, if all goes well, this year will be the first time that I am able to finish without having to walk. When I ran my first half a couple years ago, I was a fairly new distance runner, and probably didn’t put in the amount of training I needed to be successful. I also didn’t know much about proper fueling and hydration. As a result, I started suffering from leg cramps around mile 9. Last year I ran Urban Cow for the first time with several of my running friends. I told one friend that I wanted to run a 10:00 min/mile pace, so we decided to start out together. We ended up running a 9:30 min/mile pace for the first few miles, but I was feeling pretty good so I decided to keep it up. However, I felt myself hitting the wall around mile 9 and by mile 11 once again found myself walking and trying to fight off leg cramps. So I decided to give myself one more chance to redeem myself. Over the months as my business has grown, so has my weekly mileage. While it has dipped somewhat during the summer as the dogs and I do more walking and less running in the warmer weather, I have still maintained a base mileage of 20-30 miles/week of running. This is far more than last year and certainly more than the year before.

As Urban Cow draws closer, I decided I needed to get out and do a couple long runs on the weekends. Last weekend I attempted to run 10 miles the morning after house sitting and not getting a lot of sleep. Needless to say, it didn’t go so well. I struggled the whole time, and stopped at 8 miles, walking the last 2 to my car. So, this morning I went for a long run, planning on doing anywhere from 10-13 miles, depending on how I felt. I paired up with another runner who was running about my pace, and after an easy first mile at a 10:12 min/mile pace, we picked it up and ran +/- 9:30 min/miles. When we reached the final three miles, we picked up the pace again running a 9:00 min/mile pace. I ended up finishing 13.1 miles in 2:03:54, an average pace of 9:27 min/mile. If today had been the actual race, I would have earned a PR. My goal for race day is to repeat or improve on today’s performance. Most importantly, I felt great and wasn’t plagued with muscle cramps as I have been in the past. This is an important mental boost for me, because now I know it is possible.


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  1. This is amazing! What an accomplishment. You’re an inspiration on many levels.

  2. balancedpeanut permalink

    Congrats! Good luck with it! Like Balanced Peanut on facebook and follow my blog for healthy recipes, running, and yoga 🙂 love the blog.

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