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Running the old fashioned way… AKA I forgot my Garmin. An Urban Cow recap.

October 7, 2012

Take a look at any serious runner and most likely you’ll see a rather large piece of equipment strapped to their arm. It’s a GPS watch especially for runners, and it’s what we rely on to tell us how far and how fast we’ve run, or are currently running. It’s a daily part of my running routine so I can keep track of the miles I run with each dog, and during a race it can help me stay on pace to reach a goal I’ve set. So imagine my dismay when I realized this morning while waiting for the Urban Cow Half Marathon to start, that I had forgotten my Garmin at home. On top of that, I had also forgotten my energy gel. Although I didn’t plan on using it, it’s always nice to have on hand in case I hit the wall at some point during the race.

Although I could have used one of the running apps on my phone such as Runkeeper or MayMyRun, I decided to do what runners used to do in the day before Garmins and smartphones were invented… run without it.

I started the race off with several friends from my running group, and we slowly made our way through the crowd of 3,000+ runners. After a couple miles, I felt like I was going too slow and decided to take off. I found a pace that felt good and kept it up, passing people left and right. Having started somewhere behind the 2:15 pacer, I finally caught up to the 2:05 pacer around mile 8 and passed her. Knowing that I had started so far behind made me feel good, knowing I would at least match my performance from two weeks ago. I picked up the pace again at mile 10, and when I hit the final half mile I really started pushing, sprinting past several runners as we neared the finish line. I was so in the zone that I didn’t even pay attention to the time as I crossed the finish line. When I finally had a chance to check my official results, I learned that my time was 1:59:25… I broke two hours!

The downside of not having my Garmin is that I can’t analyze my race and see how fast I ran each mile. But considering that I finished the race without leg cramps that have plagued me the last two years, I earned a PR, and I broke two hours, I can’t complain!


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