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The dreaded “C” word

October 17, 2012

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that Crenshaw is my 12 year old golden retriever, and is the love of my life. While I’ve dealt with numerous veterinary issues with my other two dogs Spade and Lizzie, Crenshaw has always been the healthy one… until now. Lately Crenshaw has been slowing down and limping a bit more due to his arthritis, so I made an appointment with our vet to talk about pain management. During his exam, I pointed out what I thought was a new fatty tumor that I had discovered a few days ago. She did a fine needle aspirate and came back in the room a few minutes later with the news: Crenshaw has a mast cell tumor. Mast cell tumors are a form of skin cancer, and account for approximately 20% of skin tumors in dogs. Without going into all the details, there are three grades of tumors. Prognosis is good for Grade 1 tumors that are caught early. This is why early detection is critical. Take time every month to check your dog(s) for any new or unusual lumps or bumps.


The good news is Crenshaw’s tumor is small, so his prognosis should be good, but we won’t know anything for sure until we get the results of the biopsy. Crenshaw is scheduled for surgery on Monday next week, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

For more information about mast cell tumors and other forms of canine cancer, please visit the following resources:

Morris Animal Foundation

National Canine Cancer Foundation

Chase Away K9 Cancer



  1. I’ve been a friend of Cera’s, creator of Chase Away K9 Cancer, for years now. Going back to when I lost my second Rottie to cancer. I’ve lost two Rotties to it. Great organization. I try to send out that reminder every 14th of the month. Thanks for sharing it with your fans!

    • Definitely! My vet has a running joke that I find things on my dogs that average dog owners would never find, or at least not until it was a bigger problem.

  2. Elizabeth permalink

    I’ll keep your sweetie in my thoughts and heart! Gracie Mae had a tumor removed about a year ago and after reading your post I checked her and she has a new lump. So, I’m going to get it checked out. If I can figure out how, I’m also going to share your post on Facebook, as there are a lot of dog lovers there. Thanks for posting this and good luck to sweet Crenshaw!!!

  3. Such a beautiful boy! Keep us posted. Thinking of you Crenshaw!

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