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Celebrating two more anniversaries

January 19, 2013
Maxie enjoying the beautiful weather on our anniversary walk.

Maxie enjoying the beautiful weather on our anniversary walk.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of when I started jogging with Maxie, a beautiful Siberian Husky with two different colored eyes. To make the day even more special, her owner even remembered our anniversary and gave me a beautiful card in honor of our first year together. During our first year together, Maxie has become the first dog to run 250 miles with me making her a Gold level athlete. She is also on track to become the first Platinum level member of The Jogging Dog Fit Club.

Jack and Ricky

Ricky and Jack

Celebrating their one year anniversary today are Jack & Ricky. During their first year Ricky has become a Silver level athlete, and Jack is almost there. Although the two of them started out enjoying jogging together, it soon became clear that Jack preferred a more leisurely pace than Ricky. Not to worry though, Ricky has a new running buddy named… Buddy who is staying with them for a while. Meanwhile Jack and I tend to take more leisurely strolls through the neighborhood. I look forward to another year with these cutie pies!

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